The Graduate Program in Psychosociology of Communities and Social Ecology – EICOS – is opened from Monday to Friday during business hours. However, for the public it runs from Monday to Thursday, from 11 am to 2 pm.

During the health crisis caused by COVID-19 pandemic, service is being provided exclusively through the e-mails provided below, according to recommendations of the Presidency, Vice-president of Graduate Studies (PR-2) and the Institute of Psychology.


Professor Milton N. Campos is the present Chair. Those interested in contacting the Program Chair are requested to, please, clearly explain the subject in the title of the e-mail and write an objective and short message. Think carefully before writing to avoid asking about affairs that are the responsibility of the Administrative Office.

Chair e-mail

Administrative Office

The Program Secretary in charge is Ricardo Fernandes. He is responsible for academic and technical matters, and is available to welcome people interested in EICOS, whether they are propective and actual students, professors, researchers or alumni.

Administrative Office e-mail
+55 21 3938-5319