The EICOS Program is part of the Erasmus + MITRA – Master Program in Transnational Migrations: Identities, Mobility and Conflict. This international master’s program has the participation of several countries.

The Master is an interdisciplinary bilingual course (English and / or French), rooted in the Humanities and Social Sciences, which aims to provide answers to acute social needs. This objective is pursued through research work in intercultural mediation, in which processes of contemporary international and transnational mobility are studied.

The current design of the master’s degree was recently altered in order to reinforce the aim of “training researchers with an expertise in the phenomenon of migration (in order to enable students to continue studies at the doctorate level), analysts of public policy related to migration and integration (by training specialists in international or territorial organizations) and professionals with practical abilities in intercultural mediation, when carrying associative projects ”.

The course is driven by the perspective of enhancing scientific knowledge in the area. Ten universities participate in the consortium, distributed across three continents:
Université de Lille (France),
Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium)
Université Babeş-Bolyai em Cluj (Romania),
University of Wrocław (Polond),
University College Cork (Ireland),
Université Szeged (Hungary),
Universidad de Grenada (Spain),
Université Cheikh Anta Diop (Senegal),
University of Aegean Sea (Greece),
in addition to UFRJ -Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

As a result of the admission process and annual enrollment, all selected students obtain a scholarship. The first year of the course is always held at one of the participating universities in the European Union.

For more information about this unique program in Brazil, talk to us:

MITRA – Erasmus + Local Chair
Professor Mohammed Elhajji